Nortek is a PCAA Approved Maintenance Organization under ANO-145 Regulation with Approval no PCAA.145.023 with approved scope of next-generation aircrafts such as;

  • A330 with Up to and including Weekly Check The Airbus A330 is a medium- to long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus. Versions of the A330 have a range of 5,000 to 13,430 kilometers (2,700 to 7,250 nautical miles; 3,110 to 8,350 miles) and can accommodate up to 335 passengers in a two-class layout or carry 70 tons (154,000 pounds) of cargo.

  • A320 family with Up to and including Weekly Check The Airbus A320 family consists of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners by Airbus. The family includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321, as well as the ACJ business jet.

  • B737NG with Up to and including Weekly Check. The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as 737NG,or 737 Next Gen jet airliners are narrow-body aircraft powered by two engines and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Launched in 1993 as the third generation derivative of the Boeing 737, it has been produced since 1996 and is an upgrade of the 737 Classic series.

  • Certificates:

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